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Posted 03 February 2014 - 12:30 PM

1.  Please do not post any material which is knowingly false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate any law. We do not allow discrimination based upon race/sex/religion/sexual orientation.

2.  Posts with sensitive content relating to politics and religion, or containing personal abuse, personal attacks, and the like will be deleted without notice at the discretion of forum owners and administrators.

3.  Stalking: from post to post or by private message, is prohibited. As well, harassment of member(s) or owner/staff, or continuous argumentative postings resulting in disruption of a thread, rude name calling, disrespectful and/or hateful, unfounded comments will not be tolerated. Members exhibiting such behavior will be reminded within the thread to keep on topic, their postings "may" be edited or deleted, and they will be issued either a courtesy note (for first offense) or a warning. Suspension or banned account will follow immediately after the second offense.

4.  Only one account per user is allowed. Anyone with multiple accounts will be issued a warning and the additional account will then be banned.  If your children (over age 16) or spouse/significant other wish to join, please contact forum owners first.

5.  Please do not use long display (user) names. We prefer only 15 characters for display name, and reserve the right to change the length.  We also prefer your not using dashes, !, @, #, $, etc. or lines.

6.  If you are part of the “get paid world”, please do not promote referral links in the message body of your posts. You are allowed to place a URL in the message body but you may not in any way be affiliated with the destination site. Spamming through PM is also strictly prohibited.

 6(1). Spamming in ANY form will not be tolerated. A courtesy note will be issued, thread sent to trashcan, and post count reset. If spamming within a thread occurs, the post will be removed, and post count will be reset. And warnings will be issued within the thread. Repeated attempts at spamming will result in deletion of member(s) account. NO EXCEPTIONS.

 6(2). Due to constant attacks by spam bots, owners of the forum will manually validate your account after checking email addresses, ip addresses, and spam alert forums.

7.  Links should not lead to sites with religious, political, pornographic/adult content or sites that encourage or advertise fraud/illegal activities. Autosurfs, HYIP'S, bubble games, forex, hate sites, ridicule sites, or hack sites are not welcome. There will be no exceptions to this rule. What is deemed fraudulent and illegal will be left to the sole discretion of the forum owners.

8.  We reserve the right to move or delete any posts not related to the topic being discussed in the forum. In addition, we reserve the right to organize and reorganize discussion forums in order to best serve the majority of our members.

9.  We reserve the right to prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that we may consider harmful to forum members or owners.

10.  While disagreeing with the actions or decision of the Owners is permitted, respecting their decision is required, and repeated open questioning or badgering of their decision is not permitted.

11.  Members are expected to maintain their PM box, either copying and pasting PM's into an email or word processor, or archiving them to their email account of record here, and deleting the PM boxes on forum when notice goes into the Forum Announcements section. Notice will be given no less than two (2) weeks. The PM feature is a privilege of the board, and owners/technicians will not be held accountable for lost PM's.

12.  Owners/Technicians will maintain this board to the best of their ability. Notice will be given through the Forum Announcements section no less than two (2) weeks before, or as soon as possible upon being alerted, when any major maintenance is performed.

13.  When you fill in your profile area, please do not put in your Yahoo, MSN, AOL, or other email addresses and leave them open to the public. There are many bots trolling forums grabbing open email addresses and identities. Naturally, if you leave your personal identifiers open to the public, we cannot guard your privacy.  We also ask that you log out of your account when leaving, and to change passwords from time to time to protect your accounts.

14.  We reserve the right to modify or change these guidelines at any time without notice.

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